Leon County Administrator Vince Long appointed to Florida Trust Board of Trustees

LEON COUNTY, FL – Leon County Administrator Vince Long has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Florida Local Government Investment Trust (Florida Trust) by the Florida Association of Counties (FAC).  The Board of Trustees is responsible for steering investment strategy, guiding staff and overseeing the audit function. Mr. Long is joining two county commissioners and three Court Clerks on the Board.

The Florida Trust allows Florida counties access to top national and state experts to guide them through the complicated world of government investment strategy, ensuring tax dollars are invested wisely, safely and profitably.  Counties can invest in either a short term fund or a day to day fund; maximizing interest and accessibility.

“Vince has dedicated his entire career to the business of county government,” FAC Executive Director, Ginger Delegal said. “His experience overseeing not just efficient county operations but, efficient county growth, cannot be overstated.  We believe his experience will greatly benefit the Florida Trust and all the local governments it serves.”

The Florida Trust is a local government investment pool (LGIP) developed through the joint efforts of the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC) and the Florida Association of Counties (FAC). It is the longest running member-owned and member-governed local government investment pool in the state of Florida.