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Key Features

  • Authorized investment under Florida law, F.S. 218.415 (16) (a). The Florida Trust is an intergovernmental investment pool created by interlocal agreement under F.S. 163.01.
  • Launched in 1992 and sponsored by the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers and the Florida Association of Counties.
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  • AAAf/ S1 rated by Fitch Ratings' Agency and structured to maintain liquidity, safety of principal, and maximize available yield through a balance of quality and diversification. Press release of latest rating affirmation can be found here.
  • Invests primarily in U.S. Treasuries, Mortgages, Commercial Paper, Government Related Securities, Asset-Backed Securities rated AAA or A-1, and Corporate Bonds rated A or better by Fitch Ratings'
  • Variable Net Asset Value (NAV)—The fund will provide return in the form of share value; the NAV will fluctuate in value based on market conditions.
  • Next day liquidity – There are no withdrawal restrictions.
  • Online Account Access – Secure access to view your account(s) and access download statements via the World Wide Web.
  • This fund is designed to provide an investment diversification option, specifically to meet the short-term investment needs of Florida local governments. (e.g., bond proceeds, project funds, cash reserves).


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